Foot odor,
caused by smelly sweat,
doctor call it hyperhidrosis...

are causes of foot odor,
that can be treated by prescription deodorant.

Foot odor,caused by sweating,doctor call it hyperhidrosis,causes of foot odor,can be treated by prescription deodorant.

Causes of foot odor:

The main culprit is sweating with growth of bacteria eg
1.Micrococcus sedentarius bacterithiols
2.Dermatophilus congolensis bacteria,

-the malodor is due to production sulphur compound eg

Pitting are due to proteases enzymes produced by bacteria that breaks down the covering keratin ,of outermost layer called stratum corneum.

Clients' complaints are:

2.excessive sweating
5.itching associated with pits

In tropical,warm climates,the heat and humidity and boots make this condition quite common.

On examination reveals:

-fetid smell
-depressed pits
-the sole moist ,macerated

Tips on prevention or treatment:

1.Limiting use of occlusive footwear,
2.reducing foot friction with properly fitted footwear,
3.absorbent cotton socks changed frequently,
4.reducing any associated sweating ,with application of antiperspirant,20% aluminum chloride solution is helpful
5.topical antibiotics-eg 2% mupirocin(Bactroban) resolves situation quickly
6.systemic antibiotics are occasionally used,eg erythromycin,roxithromycin
7.latest is using Botox injection as treatment of choice for recalcitrant cases

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