Mid-life crisis,
armpit odor,
genital odor,
substance abuse,
cock size ...

are important issues we shy away.


Mid-life crisis, armpit odor ,genital odor,substance abuse,circumcise,cock size are issues we shy away .

In mid-life, around year 40 to 55 year old, we face a crisis, in our emotional, social,family,financial, medical/health issues.

Physically/bodily, we arrive at menopause,and andropause [men' menopause].skin allergy with itchy bottom

Medically , many start to have diseases like: diabetes, coronary heart disease,hypertension...

Emotionally, some are facing divorce,family breakdown,or that our kids are leaving us to study out of town, leaving us alone.

Financially, many are still at the cross road,day in and out , laboring hard to put food on the table.

Armpit smell, come from excessive smelly sweat,create armpit odor,underarm odor.Smelly armpits stains the shirt causing underarm stains. Medically is called axillary hyperhydrosis.Excessive sweating is common in obesity & physically active.Cure underarm odor is by antiperspirant.Anti-perspirant can be prescription deodorant. Foot odor can occur at any age. Mouth odor also tend to surface at mid life than those of younger age.

Substance abuse, is nowadays very common.Many of which cause long term & permanent damage to brain, body,& various organ.Pub and entertainment outlets are main culprit of supply.People go for it for curiosity, stress relief,ignorant.Commercial sell it for monetary benefit. Painful arse is another embarrassing encounter,due to anal fissure, peri-anal abscess ,and herpes.

Male circumcision is the best answer to genital odor.It solve penis problem like smegma collection causing bad body odor,and genital odor.It also increase sexual intercourse time for those having premature ejaculation, by decreasing the nerve firing rate from nerve endings in the gland penis.Is 100% done on Muslim ,and Jews.Other population also accept it liberally nowadays.

Vagina odor could be due to various infections,such as yeast and various bacteria.So keep clean regularly, or seek treatment to get rid of vaginal odor.

Men are ever obsessed with the cock size.They seldom affect sex life.sex satisfaction is not determined by cock size,but the foreplay employed.It is the men that wrongly perceived the issue. 中年危機中,生殖器氣味,藥物濫用,割禮,公雞大小問題上,我們迴避。

中年,約於 40到55歲,我們面臨著一場危機,在我們的情感,社會,家庭,金融,醫療 /健康問題。


醫學上,許多開始有疾病,如:糖尿病,冠心病,高血壓 ...




濫用藥物,是現今非常common.Many造成長期的和永久性的損害大腦,身體,及各種 organ.Pub和娛樂場所的主要罪魁禍首 supply.People去為它的好奇心,緩解壓力,ignorant.Commercial出售它為金錢利益。


男性包皮環切是最好的答案生殖器odor.It解決問題就像包皮垢陰莖收集造成了不良的體味,以及生殖器odor.It也增加性交時間為那些有早洩,通過降低神經放電頻率從神經末梢的腺penis.Is 100%做穆斯林,Jews.Other人口也接受現在寬鬆。

陰道的氣味可能是由於各種感染,如酵母和各種 bacteria.So經常保持清潔,或尋求治療擺脫陰道的氣味。

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