Mouth odor,
bad breath,,
medically called halitosis,

requires halitosis cure,,
by using mouth wash to get rid of smelly breath.

Mouth odor,bad breath,medically called halitosis,requires halitosis cure,by using mouth wash...getting rid of causes of mouth odor, in order to rid of smelly breath

Causes of bad breath, Based on Belgian Study:

A. Oral factors account for 87%
-poor plaque control,
-periodontal or gum disease ,
-oral ulceration,
-dry mouth,
-bacteria growth on back of tongue,behind 1/3 of tongue has large crypts that collect bacteria ,decomposing food caught in it,causing release of sulphur compounds;hydrogen sulphide,methyl mercaptan.

B. Non oral causes;
-ear,nose & throat infection
-gastric infection by H. pylori bacteria
-lung abscesses
-inhaled foreign bodies
-renal disease
-liver disease


-is associated with peridontal/gum disease
-cause decreased saliva flows
- and bacteria overgrowth on tongue


-is defined as patient's believe she has bad breath despite there isn't any one who can detect
-this believe is delusional
- it represent somatoform disorder

How to confirm true case of bad breath?

1. Trying to smell her breath. This is called organoleptic by doctors.

2. By use of gas chromatography.
-This is very sensitive test by separating different components in the breath.
-This is expensive and not practical,but only used by researchers.

3. look for the causes
-by examining the gum,tongue,nose cavity,pharynx/throat,chest.
-note that bad breath is not a diagnosis

Tips on preventions/treatment.

main objective is ; to decrease oral bacterial count.

1. Absolutely no smoking.

2. Dental hygiene -regularly brushing teeth ,flossing, scraping back of tongue

3. Dental visit----for plaque removal

4. Mouth wash or rinse containing:
-cetylpyridinium chloride
-chlorine dioxide
-benzylkonium chloride
-sodium bicarbonate
-concentrated alcohol
-hydrogen peroxide

5. chewing gum, sugarless type
-it stimulate saliva flow
-it bring about mechanical cleansing

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